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April 6, 2007

This too shall pass away !!!

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A matter of WORDS

I remember this small story that I read somewhere –

Once a monarch, surrounded by worries and troubles asked his wise men to formulate a magic spell – few words of wisdom. The words that would act as a talisman. Words so few that he could engrave them on his rings. The words should be valid in all situations- be it happiness or sorrow, Death or disaster, love or war, day or night……

The wise men thought a lot and returned to the monarch with the result. The words they found were:

This, too, shall pass away!!

It is not sure weather the words were made for the worried monarch or not and neither it is of the least interest….The words are wise, true and timelessly enduring. They give courage and strength in times of war and worries and content and self realization in odd times….

These magic words today form the quotes of a famous poem by Hamilton and give quick healing to the ailing heart and content to a joyous soul. They have proved their power over and over again through the centuries, to uncounted numbers of men and women, in every distant land and in every conceivable situation.

For me these are the words that have always been my inspiration and guide. They enabled me to see through the present joy/sorrow and judge for the future. They are symbol of mortality for this mortal world. They have a deeper and more spiritual meaning. They advocate the neutrality of human towards the worldly pleasure and pains.

This, too, shall pass away!” is the eternal truth…It denotes the law of change and never-returning journey of time. No matter in what situation you are, these five words will always give you hope and wisdom to move forward in life.

I hope you benefit by this…..


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  1. hi tk…………i went through al ur blogs n must say tht i liked al of them…..n i m really inspired by ur views n thoughts especially 4 this particular blog……even i get many ideas when i c sumthng,witness sumwhere or my personal xperience…n wish 2 jott down sumwhere….i dnt whether i wil be able 2 do it o not…..n hey gud luck 2 u n keep writing in these lovely blogs……..sam

    Comment by sameera — July 18, 2007 @ 11:55 am | Reply

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