Tarun Reflex

July 15, 2007

Apple of an Eye :: New Apple’s iPhone

iPod, iPhone, and Internet all in one gadget!

The 15th of July is here, yet there’s a few more agonizing hours to the release of Apple Computer’s much hyped iPhone.

Talk about the madness brought-on by an upcoming pocket-sized gizmo, and we have a case in point…

Even as the national iPhone obsession threatens to spiral out-of-control, the device that’s going to be a phone, a Web browser, and a music player — all rolled into one, has seen and kept hundreds of sleepless fans waiting outside Apple stores across the US through the wee hours of Thursday and before…

And these breathless fans want but one thing — to be the first to get their hands on Apple’s aspirational iPhone.

If reports are to be believed, late Thursday, some sixty fans queued up outside Apple’s store in New York city even as they braved the rains, armed with umbrellas and other rain gear.

One Greg Packer (43) got lucky as he bagged first place in the queue, having arrived a whole 109 hours before the slated iPhone launch. Needless to say, with hordes of reporters hovering around him, his was an instant claim to fame…

Packer lost no time gushing about the iPhone, saying he would get his iPod, iPhone, and Internet all in one gadget. He even said he was planning on buying two iPhones…

Another source remarked it was getting kind of difficult to grab some sleep at night with all the frenzy surrounding the launch of the iPhone.

And coming to the root of it all, the iPhone itself, Apple is saying the gizmo will marry together several portable technologies — mobile phone, camera, Web browser, music and video player into one pocket-sized must-have.

Again, the iPhone will have no mechanical keyboard, and will allow all the controlling to be done via the touch of a finger. Sporting a three-and-a-half-inch touch-screen, iPhone will have 4 to 8GB of flash memory to store all kinds of media files. And it will not weigh more than 4 ounces, according to Apple.

The iPhone: the 4GB model will come for $499, while the 8GB one will carry a price tag of $599. Besides, the device will come with a mandatory two-year wireless contract with AT&T.

All said, afficianados in India have an even longer wait to get a feel of this gadget, as word is out it is not coming to Asia anytime before 2008.


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