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August 2, 2008

How to get the limited edition Nokia N96?

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There are two ways to get hold of the limited edition N96. Find out how this rare device could be yours.
To get started, go to facethetask.com. (Here’s a tip – you’ll access more parts of the site if you use your webcam, although a webcam is not required to use the site.)
Once you get into the site, you have two ways to get the limited edition device. They can be found by following two links: WIN THE BOX and GET THE BOX.
If you watch all of the videos on the site, you will unlock the WIN THE BOX link, which gives you the chance to enter the competition for your chance to win the limited edition N96.
If you click GET THE BOX, you will see a timer that indicates when you have a chance to donate 759 EUR to the World Wildlife Fund, which goes towards the WWF project to save the red pandas in Nepal, and get your own limited edition version of the N96 in return. If you come back when the timer has counted down to zero, you can access the shop window, donate, and get the device. (If the shop window is not open, you can still donate to this worthy cause, but you will not be eligible to get the device.)
Check out facethetask.com for a chance to get yours today.
The N96 gains live streaming TV and 30-second replay by way of DVB-H, the recently ratified European standard for live streaming video. All of this comes wrapped in the new, even more user-friendly S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

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