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August 18, 2008

UP govt to implement 6th Pay Commission Report

TIME: 01:40 PM
Few hours ago Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati announced that Uttar Pradesh State Government Employees  will be getting the new pay scale as per the New Sixth Pay Commission Report from December 2008. The salary will be increased effective from January 2006 (as in Central Pay Commission Report).
The Committee has been asked to submit report within three months so that new pay scale can be given from December-2008 to UP State Govt. Employees.
Its definitely a good news for UP State Govt. employees.genrally there is a lag of 5-6 months between increments in pay scale of Central Govt. Employees and State Govt. Employees.
(Courtesy : a renowned NEWS CHANNEL)

The Uttar Pradesh government today announced revision of wages of state government employees in accordance with the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission with effect from January 2006.    

Chief Minister Mayawati said the state government employees would get revised wages from December 1, 2008 and the arrears would be paid from January 1, 2006.    

This will entail additional financial burden of Rs 5189 crore per annum on the state exchequer.    

The state government will have to bear an additional financial burden of Rs 14775 crore to pay the arrears.   

 A committee headed by a retired senior IAS officer Jagmohan Lal Bajaj has also been constituted to suggest ways and means to revise the state government employees wages on the pattern of the central government, the Chief Minister said adding that the committee had been asked to submit its report with three months.    

The Chief minister said her government had inherited an empty coffer from previous governments which is why it had demanded a special package of Rs 80,000 crore from the Centre to meet various financial requirements of the state.    

Although the additional financial burden will have an adverse impact on the ongoing developmental schemes, all possible efforts will be made to minimise it by better mobilisation of its financial resources and curtailing unnecessary expenditure and checking tax evasion.


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