Tarun Reflex

August 19, 2008

Why I Blog?

Why I blog?

Well there are several answers to that question. But the main reasons are:

7.    I’m a creative genius, who’s just exploding with undirected potential, looking for a release to express myself. Blah Blah Blah ..(you should be laughing at me right now)

6.     Hey it’s this or finish that last do-it-yourself project I started.
5.    I need to practice my typing and speeling spelling skills
4.    I’ve tried complaining to my family and they won’t listen. So I’m going to complain to the internet instead.
3.    Working late into the night with the lights on pisses off the cockroaches and sleep.
2.    I’ve been reading several blogs for quite a few years. And while reading a blog doesn’t make me blogger. It did make we want to give it a shot.
1.    There are a lot of things I want to write down. Some so I won’t forget them, some so my children won’t forget them, and some just because (again blah blah blah…)

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