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August 20, 2008

New Pay and Arrears Calculators based on approved Sixth Pay Commission (14 August 2008) Report

After much wait it’s time for New Pay and Arrears Calculators based on Pay Commission report approved by Cabinet.
Just enter your basic pay as on 1.01.06, new grade pay as per pay commission recommendations, New HRA rate, Old HRA rate, Increment month, New TA amount and the amount of increment in the fields specified.
The Calculator meant for Pay Band up to PB-2, would take into account the revised Merger Ratio of 1.86 times of Basic Pay as on 1.1.06 and the annual increment of 3% (during every July). In respect of the Calculator meant for Pay Band above PB-3 and above, since there is no uniformity in the merger ratio (unlike in the case in respect of upto PB-2 which had uniform merger ratio of 1.74 times of BP earlier), the revised pay bands could not be calculated without the release of pay band details by the Govt for certain pay scales. we assure to sort out this issue once the entire pay band details are released by the Govt. The revised calculator for PB-3 and above, has been incorporated with the changes such as annual increment of 3%, and application of merger ratio of 1.86 times of basic pay as on 1.1.2006 for most of the scales (where 1.74 times applied in 6CPC recommendations). We have taken the pay bands recommended by 6CPC as such in respect of scales which were not fixed based on 1.74 merger ratio by 6cpc in their recommendations.
For Pay Band – 3 and above
(To cater to the officers of PB3 and above, since upwards of PB3, different methods for fixation have been adopted by PC)


Get Pay Band Information from this Table:


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