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August 23, 2008

6th Pay Commission Recommendation for Pensioners

After much requests from users about the PENSION BENEFITS FOR PENSIONERS as per the Sixth Central Pay Commission,Here is the Calculator for calculating pension as per 6th CPC.
Please note that its the only calculator available for Pensioners.As soon as any new information is released, The blog with updated accordingly so keep an eye here..

Few Websites useful for Pensioners:
Pensioner’s Portal (Govt. Of India)
Community for Govt. Officers
Sites For State Govt. Pensioners :
1 Assam
2 Gujarat
3 Himachal Pradesh
4 Madhya Pradesh
5 Punjab
6 Rajasthan
7 Tamilnadu
8 Uttar Pradesh
9 Chhattisgarh

Download this New Pension Calculator to know the benefits for Central Government Pensioners out of Sixth Pay Commission recommendations


as per Table in annexure 5.1.1. of cpc r3eoprt
M.F : 4.267
Pay + Dearness pay as on 1.01.2006 Rs 11190.00
Commutation Amount: Rs. 2984.
D.A. as on 1.1.2006 after revision: 0%
Revised Pay as on 1.1.2006 Rs.15965 (11190*1.4267) (see table 5.1.1 in annex)
Net pension Rs.12981 (15965-2984) less commutation)

prerevised pay+dp Rs.11190.00
DA as 0n 1.1.2006 24% (pre cpc6) Rs. 2686.00
Commutation amount Rs. 2984.00

Pension already drawn as on 1.1.06. Rs. 10892.
increase due to CPC as on 1.01.2006 Rs.12981-10892 = 2089

Pension as on 1.8.2008 Revised: Rs.15535 (D.A.16% + revised pension)
Pension already drawn: 1.8.2008 Rs.13465
Increase due to cpc as on 1.8.2008 Rs. 2070

Percentage increase to already drawn Basic pension+D.P = 2070/11190 *100= 18.5%

Dearness Allowance after CPC approved:
1.01.06 — 0 %
1.07.06 — 2%
1,01.07 — 6 %
1.07.07 — 9 %
1.01.08 — 12%
1.07.08 — 16%

So pensioner get 18.5% increase in their pension. Thanks to cpc.

Thanks to Mr. Sesha Iyengar Thirumalai for this update


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