Tarun Reflex

September 7, 2008

Six Pay Commission | Download | Arrears Calculator (updated) with Promotion Option

It is based on Gazette Notification dated 29 Aug 08 issued by Finance Ministry, Government of India.
It gives following information :-· Glance of new gross pay for any given month during last three years.
  1. · Glance of old gross pay for any given month during last three years.
  2. · Details of Fixation.
  3. · Due Drawn Statement with arrears upto any given month during last three years.
  4. Individual who got promotion or old ACP in between last three years also have option to add in it. Modified ACP due has been added (As per notification, Old ACP received & Modified ACP due will be at different year). New appointee after Jan 2006 also have option check their salary.
Following error fixed : 07 Sep 08
  1. · Error in fixation from old scale to PB-4 corrected.
Following error fixed : 06 Sep 08
  1. · On Promotion & ACP minimum 6 month service not required to get increment corrected.
  2. · Option to uncheck Tpt Allce, if not required.
  3. · Option to add Name.
  4. · Trial usage extended to 05
  5. · Other minor fixes.
Following errors/anomalies fixed/added : 03 Sep 08
  1. · Individuals of PB-4 also can use this calculator.
  2. · Grade Pay for various scales PB-3 & PB-4 changed (As per Gazette Notification).
  3. · Minimum pay in all the pay band changed (As per Gazette Notification).
  4. · New appointee initial pay added.
  5. · Increment rounded off to the next multiple of 10.
  6. · On Promotion, ACP, New Appt, minimum 6 month service required to get increment.
  7. · Modified ACP required and/or ACP recd can be selected during different parts of last 3 years.
Other errors/anomalies fixed/added earlier : 29 Aug 08
  1. · Factor Rate of Fixation changed from 1.74 to 1.86.
  2. · Rate of Increment changed from 2.5 % to 3 %.
  3. · Option to manually add new pay and grade pay for specific post as per Gazette Notification.
  4. · Rate of Tpt Allce changed.
This is a fully functional trial version that will expire after 05 uses.

Remember Macro security needs to be at low to run Pay & Arrears Calculator.(Instructions to do this are included in image that is attached within the download)

This Software is 100% accurate for many but may not be accurate for some for various reasons like for special category in scale, rank pay, grade pay, promotion, acp etc. Thus it may be used for education and reference purpose only.


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