Tarun Reflex

September 13, 2008

Fighting Terrorism | What we Citizens can do?

There have been 6 blasts in all! A daring attempt like this can not be a work of few people.. It involves a series of interdependent men. First ISI,then Millitant Groups and now we have these so called Indian Mujahideen (I wonder why they call themselves Indians?)

Intelligence.. It seems they are the last people to know about anything! They didnt know abt Diwali Blasts,Neither about intrusion on LOC nor about China’s stand in Arunachal Pradesh!! The things our Intelliegence agencies miss can be even guessed on the basis of series of event.. (Even our Cyber Crime Units have officers who are not familiar with basic operations of Internet!) I am sure that some Minister in this Government will come out with the facts that there had been far more bomb blasts in the regime of another Political Party.I do not have any liking for any particular political party but I support their manifestos if they are rational.Did anyone notice that there had been no major terrorists arrests in the regime of present Govt?

Its high time that we, citizens take more responsibilty and ensure safety of our surroundings.

 Let me highlight a few points that the average citizen can do

1) Corruption: Do not give or take bribes in any case- this is one of the root causes.
example: A lot of anti-social elements give bribes and get ration cards, passports, birth certificates etc. Thus they get a valid identity.

2) Form an organisation that has intellectuals who are ready to fight for a cause legally.
example: A lot of criminals involved in arms and drug trade get scott free because of lack of evidence. This lack of evidence is becuase of intimidation and buying out of potential witneses. The aim of the organisation should be to put pressure on the government, cops and if need be hire competent lawyers or pay the state appointed lawyer inorder to get the accused prosecuted and also see to it that evidence and witnesses are not tampered with.

3) The average indian is by nature a quite person who prefers to live and let live. My suggestion is to be more assertive and take action instead of putting your head down like the ostrich and hope that the problem goes away.

4) Make pamplets against corruption, terrorism, etc and spread them around. This does not mean you have to stand on the roadside and distribute them. But if this could be done it would be fantastic. A simpler way is to make say hundred copies of anti-corruption messageand pamplets. Distribute or just put ten in each train/bus you take. In the pamplet request that the person reading if possible make ten copies and spread them around.

5) Have street plays to educate the public about corruption and how it leads to terrorism, and other social evils.

6) If you are well educated, take some time out and volunteer to teach children in orphanages, municipality schools etc.

7) Do not constantly criticize the system, see how you can improve it.

8.) Shopkeepers and outlet owner, Devote a surveillance camera to the road. Record the happening and cooperate with police.We cant work by opposing the system.
9.) Above all , Find out ways in which you can be helpful. No one knows you better than you.
Give suggestions and feedback.. This list is still missing few points..

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