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September 15, 2008

"Disbanding the army of clerks" By Indian Express & Comments by our Readers

In response to my previous post (from India express) “Disbanding the Army of Clerks” By Tavleen Singh, we received some thought provoking replies that demanded more dignity than simply being comments. Now the questions – Why i post few articles from News paper? Dont’t they already have full-featured website? Don’t they have comment forms? Would not it be more beneficial to post commnts where the author can see them directly? .. and many other.
Well, Answer to these question lie in an unpleasant fact. Indian Express removed some of the comments from its previous controversial article “Its the Uniform” from their main website so all the views (however rational they may be!) are now a history. Thanks to Google Cache Facility and an aware reader (Mr. Sumeet Patney ) of this blog  that we now can see the deleted comments.(Click here to see those comments).
I am posting some comments to the post (Disbanding the Army of Clerks) here, This post will be updated with response:

Comment By Mr.. P S Dhingra:

ABOUT DISBANDING THE ARMY OF CLERKS: IT IS INDEED A GREAT GOSSIP FROM A CHIEF MINISTER WHO PREFERS TO SPREAD RUMOUR BUT WANTS TO REMAIN NAMELESS ALSO. In fact such a Chief Minister is not fit for public service and needs to be KICKED OUT of the Government immediately, as he was not aware of the fact that only 9 to 11% of the budget goes for the salaries of clerks and others. On the other hand Tavleen of Indian Express has done another disservice to the media by publishing just a pungently flavoured MASAALA without asking the question to the said Chief Minister that if he has to pay 95% of the funds as salaries to his clerks he would have been spending at least the remaining 5% as salaries and perks for himself and his team of Ministers and other legislators and in that case he would not have ever been able to do any thing for his state what to say of any development works for the state, so what for he was getting benefits from the Government without doing any thing for the state? Tavlene should also have asked the Chief Minister to prove his figures of 95% of salaries to the clerks of his state.

I do not come within the purview of the Babu’s category and cannot be biased, as I am a retired Officer from an organization to whom the 6th Pay Commission Report is not going to benefit even slightly. Of course having been actively associated with the the Disciplinary cases in the capacity of Defence Counsel as well as Inquiring Authority I found that most of the innocent persons are being framed in disciplinary cases where they had tried to work honestly, sincerely and in the best interest of the Government and the public according to laid down Rules and procedures. But going against the wishes of corrupt Officers, they get harassed for long.

In fact, Babus are the need of the politicians and they create their posts just to assist them and even to get their services misused rather than they use them for public services. When the politicians get up to 300% jump in their salaries they prefer to keep silent and for Babus about 20% increase they start grumbling like any thing. If the politicians are able to handle public services themselves they are welcome to disband the army of babus and they need not ask any question. If they are given a free hand they would rather create an army of legislators in place of Babus. Every person knows that development is held up where interference comes from the side of the politicians. They should not blame any category of staff. All works are regulated through their henchmen at the top and the lower category staff has to follow instructions from the top irrespective of the Rules and procedures laid down for automatic working.

If the said Chief Minister or Tavleen has a grievance of the mighty Sahibs, they must know that those mighty Sahibs are none else other than the persons very near to the Ministers and politicians, their tours are sanctioned by Ministers only. Not every Director and above gets the opportunity to make a foreign tour unless he is the follower of the policies of the mighty politicians and higher Mighty sahibs. Indeed it is a fact that their tours are not objective but are subjective in most of the cases.

About Tavleen’s misconception about voluntary retirement, I can say that voluntary retirement cannot be implemented forcibly. It is a discretionary affair of the babu. She should know that through voluntary retirements only the very capable and honest Officers/officials, who are fed up with the irregularities of the high ups, prefer to retire and not the corrupt, incapable or unfit persons. Probably Tavleen does not know that Rules very much exist for compulsory retirement of the unfit officials but none dares to touch them. About her suggestion “One more thing that needs to be done with immediate effect is to make it possible to sack non-performing officials,” I can just ask “WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?” Whether those Officer who themselves are non-performing lot or corrupt Officers can take the lead? At the high posts there is no place for honest and capable Officers. They are falsely labelled as corrupt or inefficient by the really corrupt and incapable Officers and/or politicians. They are deprived of their genuine promotions and harassed like any thing. I know one case where for disallowing bogus claims of about 32 Lakhs of a contractor, the contractor built up a constant political pressure on daily basis on the topmost management of the organization to harm an Officer. Since the record of the Officer was well maintained and self speaking, he could save himself from the ire of the management but due to constant pressure he was transferred from the post he held so that the way for the corrupt be cleared. But due to constant harassment, his health used to get deteriorated and ultimately he died in-service. After the death of the said Officer, the same bills started moving again. But due to the existance of the earlier record the DDO returned the bills with objection to the administration again. The contractor with his goons goes to the residence of the DDO at about midnight to threaten him. The next day when he complains in writing to the authorities the Administrative Head of the Office takes a lead to make a patch between the Contractor and the DDO. The question arises what interest the Head of the officer had with the contractor of the bogus bills. On the other hand the bills were never presented to the higher Financial Authorities on repeated demand for investigation purposes. But, the DDO is not only transferred to a far off state but also a major penalty charge Sheet is ordered against him and payment is ordered to be made by none else other than the Vigilance Unit in which case the investigator himself was of a lower status and ignorant about the Rules and regulations of Drawing & Disbursement and Finance. So, where is the scope of getting the non-performing persons sacked. The scope rather lies in the sacking of performance oriented persons. I again repeat that the corrupt and non-performing persons neither get voluntary retirement nor any one can touch them for compulsory removal from service due to their shrewednes and corrupt practices.


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