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October 5, 2008

Six Pay Commission | Armed Forces will get their pay hike before Diwali: Govt

Speaking for the first time on the issue of a pay hike for the 13-lakh-strong Armed Forces, Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandrashekhar said that the Government’s notification for the enhanced emoluments as per the recommendations of the new Pay Commission would be issued “well before” Diwali, around October 10.

The Armed Forces had earlier refused to submit their revised draft letters for the revised pays, forcing an announcement that the Government would do the necessary paperwork.
The Cabinet Secretary–who was the nodal officer for implementation of the Pay Commission recommendations and had several rounds of consultations with the three Service Chiefs–told The Indian Express that the Government had spent a great deal of time and effort in examining each and every demand of the Services.
“The pay increases given to the defence forces is much more substantial than many other sections of Government,” the Cabinet Secretary emphasised. “This is the reason the enhanced pay packet of the defence forces accounts for 68 per cent of the additional outflow to be paid by the Government,” he said.
He also clarified that while the enhanced pay will accrue to the defence forces before Diwali, there were some “unresolved” issues and these will be decided by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukerjee at the earliest.
“The issue now is not one of the amount of increase in the pays of the three Services but one of parity with other wings of Government including the civil services,” he explained.
What he described as the pending “core issues” include the enhancement of the pays of Lt Colonels and of their equivalent from Pay Band-3, recommended by the 6th Pay Commission, to Pay Band 4; the demand of parity with civilian counterparts for Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) and the placement of all Director-Generals of Police and their equivalents over Lt Generals and their equivalents.
“These remaining issues will be resolved at the earliest by the External Affairs Minister. If these demands are accepted, we will take necessary follow-up action,” he said.

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