Tarun Reflex

October 7, 2008

Teachers on war path over evaluation by students

College and university teachers of Bihar have opposed the Chaddha Pay Revision Committee’s recommendation for evaluation of teachers’ performance and academic accountability by their students.

The UGC committee recommends multiple parameters like regularity in the classroom teaching, holding tutorials, being available to students for consultation, participating in faculty meetings, guiding and carrying out research and participating in other academic activities like seminars, should be taken into consideration while assessing a teachers’ academic accountability.
There are three clauses to the assessment: It should be made once a year, be made available to the teacher concerned, and be placed before the selection committee at the time of teachers’ promotion.
Criticizing the recommendation, Patna University Teachers’ Association general secretary Randhir Kumar Singh said it is very difficult to ensure fair evaluation of teachers’ performance by the students in a caste-ridden society. Shirkers would manipulate a good grade from them if students belong to their own caste. Then the very purpose of evaluation would be futile, he said.
Demanding the removal of serious anomalies of the UGC Pay Review Committee recommendation, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Federation of University Teachers’ Association of Bihar (FUTAB) and Federation of University Service Teachers’ Association of Bihar (FUSTAB) observed that the evaluation of teachers’ performance and academic accountability has been linked to promotion.
In a state like Bihar, where colleges and universities are mired with party politics as well as caste divide, the students’ evaluation would never be fair. The Rastogi Committee (1996) had also recommended the same, but on teachers’ opposition, the UGC dropped it.
Other anomalies include deviation from the principles adopted by the previous pay commission. While lecturers’ payscale is below expectations, a step-motherly treatment has been meted out to senior readers. A separate payscale for readers and senior readers is expected. Promotions to higher grades have also been made in a clumsy manner, both in colleges and universities. The existing demonstrators have been ignored and no separate payscale has been suggested for them.
The JAC also opposed a five-year term for vice-chancellors who have been given attractive pay packages, while the teachers have been deprived of the pay formula adopted for vice-chancellors. Joint Action Committee leaders K B Sinha, Ram Jatan Sinha, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Dilip Kumar Choudhary have urged the UGC scheduled to meet on October 8 to remove the discrepancies.

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