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October 27, 2008

PDF to Word | Online,Easy and Free !!

Convert PDFs to Word Online
PDF UNdo Online is easy, free and works on any computer with no registration, says Lifehacker.
Find an Adobe PDF document on your computer, click to convert it to Microsoft Word, then click to download the converted file.  If the PDF is password or copy protected, you will not be able to alter it.  If not protected, it is now editable with any app that supports Word docs. 
Also take a look at PDF Online which converts your edited files back to PDF (as well as other tricks).
What could you do with the time you didn’t spend trying to figure out your converted file? What could you work on instead of feverishly typing out an entire PDF? You have other things to do with your time besides editiing PDFs, don’t you?
PDF UNdo does all the work – saving YOU precious time and money converting your PDFs to Word or RTF instantly!
Most PDF converters make you wrangle with weird text boxes, sift through garbled text, or try to recreate missing pictures.
PDF UNdo makes converting PDFs to Word or RTF a breeze. You can open up your converted documents in any software that handles the .DOC format or any RTF editor. You can select page ranges or single pages for lightning fast conversions of only the information you need!
And, you won’t have to learn to deal with any strange conversion quirks that some programmer decided was “good enough”. 
You can experience the sheer joy of converting your PDF to Word or RTF and having a document ready to copy, edit, and manipulate any way you see fit!

My 1 cent – Don’t buy the s/w ,You can always convert your documents for free online.


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