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November 3, 2008

New Pension Calculator | Arrears Details Calculator

Kindly visit the following link to calculate your new pension as per VI Pay Commission:


 for pre-01-01-2006 pensioners

Read the following info for instructions :

“Revise Your Pension and know Arrears under VI CPC “ 
Ø    Know your inputs:
o       Current Pay Scale: Refers to the Pay Scale of the post held on the date of retirement / death, under the V CPC. If you are not aware of the pay scale, it can be ignored. This pay scale is required to arrive at the minimum pension admissible based on the 50% of the minimum of the Pay Band under the VI CPC. This input is optional.
o      Current Pension (Gross): Denotes the pension authorized on the PPO, inclusive of the commuted portion. Dearness pension should not be added if the retirement is prior to 01/04/2004. For retirements after 01/04/2004, the DP having been added while computing the pension, the gross pension shall include the DP. This input is compulsory.
o       Commuted Value:  Refers to the portion of pension commuted by you. Please do not validate this input if the commuted portion is already restored as on 01/01/2006. If it is restored after 01/01/2006, this input is required. This input is optional.
o       Date of Restoration: This input is required if the restoration of commuted portion, (ie if 15 years has passed after the date of commutation) falls between the arrear period 01/01/2006 to 31/08/2008. This input is optional.
o       Date of Birth of Pensioner : This input is required to determine the age of the pensioner, based on which additional pension is to be allowed. This  input is compulsory.
o       Date of Retirement / Death: This input determines the fitment to be adopted viz if the date of retirement / death is on or after 01/04/2004, it assumes that the current pension includes the DP element otherwise, the current pension is exclusive of DP and accordingly the fitment is done. This input is compulsory.
o       General: The Dearness relief rates are applied on the gross pension both on the ‘due’ side and the ‘drawn’ side, as applicable from time to time. The calculation is only indicative and it is observed during evaluation that there is a minor error in rounding off to an extent of Re.1/-, and the additional pension is computed from the first of the month following the date of birth on which the age of 80/85/90 is attained – the errors are under debugging. Inconvenience is regretted. 

Now click on Revise Your Pension and know Arrears under VI CPC to go in.

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