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March 18, 2009

Manifesto ideas | Election Season

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Elections :

 – 1 
Election Commission should publish all parties’ synopsis manifestos in one book & distribute to all voters, free of cost. It helps voters compare available choices. EC should restrict parties to limit their campaign to the contents of their respective manifestos. EC should disqualify ruling party from participating in next election, if it fails to implement at least 90% of its manifesto. We are electing the Government to collect revenues & spend for us 1 to 2 lakh rupees per head in 5 years. Can’t the Government spend Rs.10/- per head towards better elections? Still Government feels it as a burden, it can do like this: an A-4 size magazine with one lakh copies of circulation, charges two lakh rupees from advertisers for a single page ad. Think about how much EC can charge for a book with 25 crores of circulation. There are roughly 25 crores of families in India & one manifesto book for one family is enough. EC can outsource this job by selling all the ad space to a single wholesaler. This huge exercise will make politicians feel accountable.

Public sector:

 – 2 
Till yesterday, I was the Additional Director General of Police. Today, I am deputed to Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) and posted as the Managing Director. My new strategy is to book cases against all private road transport operators & see that there is no competition for APSRTC.….. To stop this nonsense, IAS, IPS etc officers should not be posted as CEOs or MDs of Government companies (PSUs), as they know nothing about business.  Like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, we should create IMS (Indian Management Service) to run PSUs.


 – 3 
Have you ever seen Anti Corruption Department arresting any IAS or IPS officer? Why do they fail to get proper evidence against even class-3 employees also? We should outsource the job of Anti Corruption Department to a few private companies. Ex: the private company should be paid with Rs.50,000/- on proving a class-3 employee’s corruption. It will be Rs.5 lakhs for every class-1 employee etc. If one company leaves a corrupted employee by taking bribe, another company will catch that corrupted person. We should create this kind of competition by authorizing some 10 companies to do this job. The company’s fee is to be paid from the provident fund account of the corrupted employee only.

Human Resources:

 – 4 
Do you know India is 12th richest country in the world of 200 plus countries, sitting only next to America, Britain, Japan, Germany etc? But when you divide India’s total yearly income by 116 crores of population, its rank in terms of income per head is falling to 160th, sitting next to Somalia, Bangladesh etc poor countries. Illiterate & poor families are giving birth to 3 to 4 children, where as it has become a fashion for educated & rich families to stop production with a single kid. This is creating a big imbalance between the ratio of poor & rich. To control population, Government is offering incentives worth of a thousand or 2 thousand rupees to poor people, which failed to attract even beggars. A minimum of Rs.25,000/- spot cash is to be offered to make the offer irresistible to below poverty line (BPL) families, based on their ration card category, if they stop with one child. It should be Rs.50,000/- for above BPL people & no incentive for middle class & high class category card holders. By paying Rs.25,000/- now, we can get rid of those lakhs of rupees of future expenses per each unwanted & unproductive extra citizen. 

– 5 
Do you know, how many thousands of crores are we losing to let 2 crores of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Burma, Srilanka etc into india? Do you know, our Government does not know who paid tax &  who has not. Do you know that there are thousands of properties that have 2 or more registered owners, simultaneously, with out knowing each other? Do you know how many thousands of crores our banks lost due to non repayment of loans? To solve all these problems, we should first issue Citizen Cards to all Indians. By entering this card number, anybody can view details of that particular citizen like his photo, contact details, thumb impression, signature, amount of tax paid & due, his properties, loans taken & its repayment history, contaminable diseases, criminal record, ration card & other cards’ details, etc. A web portal will contain details of all 116 crores of Indians’ details.

 – 6 
We prefer small green grapes, as eating black grapes with seeds is difficult. To get the nutritional values of both kinds of grapes, scientists produced small black grapes with out seeds by crossbreeding black & green grapes. To produce more healthy grains, fruits & vegetables, we are implementing crossbreeding. But, when it comes to human beings, we are crossing only in between same caste & same region fellows since thousands of years. As there is no access to new genes, we are giving birth to dull brains with weak bodies, which gets eye sight problem in high school, white hair in graduation & diabetes at the age of 30 years. To solve this problem, Government should conduct a powerful campaign against marriages among same caste & same region by explaining the side effects. Remember, no country can become a super power with out giving birth to super brains & healthy bodies. 

 – 7 
With hundreds of Central & State Universities, boards, thousands of colleges & lakhs of private institutions with different standards or even no standards, we can’t compare the skills of any 2 persons. So, a special board is to be established to rank all the citizens based on the skills in their area of proficiency by conducting a test after they finish their studies. For this test, all citizens will be categorized into: general labor, skilled labor, clerical staff, technocrats, managers, professionals, teachers, researchers, specialized staff etc. Don’t tell me that this will be an impossible task. When USA is able to conduct tests like GRE, SAT, TOFEL etc in the whole world, and private companies like Microsoft, SUN & SAP are able to conduct global certification courses across the world, why can’t our Government conduct a common test for all Indians? Still if it is that difficult, let us outsource this job to the capable MNCs. 

 – 8 
Mostly beggars, rickshaw pullers etc downtrodden people with full of bad habits only sell their sperm to sperm banks. Fertility hospitals cheat their patients by selling this 3rd grade sperm of the above people by claiming it to be from intelligent & healthy people. Artificial insemination from 3rd parties reached to a considerable percentage of the population. So, Government should take steps to get right sperm from right people to give birth to better brains & bodies.

Law & Justice

 – 9 
A Judge attends roughly 200 cases a day. A complainant, an accused & both side advocates (total 4 persons) should attend in each case on receiving a call by the court attendant, who calls both the parties by shouting their case number & names loudly for 3 times. This call work (taking attendance from 800 persons) will be finished by lunch time. 90% cases will be adjourned for another date. Remaining 10% cases will be called for the trial after lunch, as the Judge can’t conduct trial for 200 cases in a single day. This way, we are wasting half day everyday. By transferring this attendance marking job to the clerks, all these thousands of judges can double their productive trial hours. So that, Judges can start trial sessions right from the first hour in the morning. Since long, clerks are doing this call work job but only when the concerned magistrate is on leave. So, if we implement this idea, it is not going to be an unfamiliar job for clerks. By implementing this idea, we can bring down the case disposal time from the present 3 plus years to 18 months.
 – 10 

In India, you can commit any crime, if your pocket is full. How much crowd you see in a court hall, more than that you will see in front of a police station. Inspectors deliver the judgments on their own, with out forwarding cases to courts, on accepting bribe mostly from the accused. This is the reason they won’t register complaints. They register cases only after due enquiry into the pockets of accused & on knowing the fact that accused can’t afford the bribe amount. Appointing a Judiciary employee, who directly reports to the District Sessions Judge, at police station reception counter to register cases is the best solution to solve this problem. 

 – 11 
Only fools approach courts for justice, as our judiciary treats both complainants & accused as slaves. Go to any court in India. You will see how these Magistrates & Judges treat the people. You have to stand there from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. You can’t go for toilet also, as you don’t know when the Judge will call your name. You will find neither a chair nor a fan. Advocates also play their role by injecting a feeling in you that it is purely your obedience to the Judge that decides the judgment. Court summons every complainant & accused for about 40 times. Out of this 40 times, more than 30 times they will call you just like that, with out any work. Trial will be finished in the last 5 to 7 sessions. Then, why courts are calling these people to attend the court for 40 times? It is only to benefit the advocates, as we pay advocate’s fee 40 times, of which 30 times payment is only to get attendance in the court. If our Judiciary really feels that these complainants & accused also are human beings & attach any value for their money & time, immediately they should provide a slot time, (Ex: 11.30 to 1.30 pm), instead of asking them to be at the Judge’s disposal from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm and bring down the attendance sessions from the current 40 or unlimited to 10. By taking the help of technology, we can resolve unnecessary sessions & slot time problems.

 – 12 
Offence: Public nuisance
Punishment: Rs.100/- fine.
Criminal’s income: Rs. 12 lakh p.a.
How can a court impose same fine amount to punish a Rs.2000/- monthly earner & a millionaire? Fine amount should deter the offender & stop him from repeating it & should be a lesson for the potential miscreants. So, fine should be in terms of percentage of the criminal’s family property and or previous year’s family earnings. To get income & property proof certification, we should start using our Notary network efficiently. It is only possible by severely penalizing notaries who take bribe & attest fake certificates. 

 – 13 
Offence: Each one lakh rupees worth of 4 check bounce cases in 4 different locations.
Punishment by 1st court: Rs.20,000/- fine.
Punishment by 2nd court: One lakh rupees refund to the complainant & Rs.20,000/- fine.
Punishment by 3rd court: 6 months imprisonment with Rs.10,000/- fine.
Punishment by 4th court: 2 years imprisonment with Rs.10,000/- fine.
This much of discretionary power to a magistrate would result in corruption & emotion based judgments. Except the 2nd court, all other courts did not speak about remedy for complainant. To avoid this, Government should standardize the punishments & allow discretionary judgments only with supportive documents. Ex: Property & income certificate of the accused.

 – 14
Still we read our IPC as Indian Penal Code of 1872, as it is enacted in the year 1872, by Britishers. With out any shame, we are using somebody’s law even after 62 years after independence. We should appoint a committee to rewrite all our laws, as all our major laws are enacted by Britishers.


 – 15 
It is well known that doctors get 50% commission on all lab test bills & on some medicines. They prescribe & suggest unnecessary medicines & tests only for commission. So, no Doctor should be allowed to suggest names of medical shops & labs on the prescription. Hospitals & clinics should not be allowed to have attached medical shops & labs. MRP should also be fixed for all kinds of lab tests & treatments, including surgeries. Government should release a list of diseases for which surgery is required by quantifying the required circumstances. Ex: surgery for kidney stones is required only if the size of the stone is more than 7 millimeters.

 – 16 
100 years ago we used to walk 5 km to get a bucketful of water, 20 km to reach the market, 30 km to reach the school and we all were engaged in labor work. Whatever we are eating now is meant to do all such above works. Our daily diet should be planned keeping in view of our current generation work requirements. Items like turmeric should be treated as a medicine, and so not to be permitted to be sold in groceries shops. This will discourage public from using natural medicines in cooking. Natural medicines that we use in cooking are providing great resistance power to bad bacteria & viruses in the body to make doctor prescribed medicines ineffective.

 – 17 
Even if you purchase a shirt worth of Rs.500/-, the company will provide you with utility instructions like how to wash, dry & iron that shirt. A group of chemists with Ph.D. qualifications work for that company. Quite surprisingly, no such official instructions we are getting when we give birth to our kids. Our great illiterate Grandma & 5th standard discontinued Grandpa will give us instructions on how to handle & up bring these children. Of course, some great MNCs also help us by dumping their health drinks, artificial vitamins mixed biscuits etc on us. But nobody bothered to teach us the following things:

a) Along with normal body bath, we should also take internal bath to clean internal parts of the body by drinking 2 liters water in 2 installments with 20 minutes gap, at wake up time.

b) After gulping the food, hydrochloric acid will be produced in small intestines to burn that food & convert it into energy. Stronger the food, more will be the quantity & concentration of the acid. More acid or more concentrated acid spoil our stomach & also demands more energy to digest. That is why non veg & fried food with oil is dangerous. You should not drink water during eating, as it will dilute the acid & so digestion will be delayed. More energy for digestion means, availability of less energy for our mind.

c) World’s most powerful & compatible food for human beings is sprouts. The best drink is honey in lemon water. Both should be provided to the public through ration shops.

d) Real sleep should let the whole body sleep, except the heart. Since we are sleeping immediately after dinner, our whole digestive system keeps on working during sleep also. That is why 4 hours gap is a must between dinner & sleep. When whole body is under rest, heart beat also slows down from 72 times to 60 times per minute. Since we can’t give full rest to heart, at least we should help it take rest by allowing it to slow down during sleep.
It is the responsibility of the Government to supply research based proof to the above 4 points, on which any human being’s work efficiency, health & lifespan totally depends.


 – 18 
We should encourage sports that give constant body movement & mind development. Cricket gives no body movement. So, we should make football as our national outdoor game, basketball as national indoor game & chess as national mind game. Government should take all necessary steps to discourage cricket. 


 – 19 
Interested course: Software Engineering
Qualification: Master’s degree in Biotechnology
Post applied for: Sales Executive (life insurance policies)
By inquiring her latent interests & potentials, Department of Education should suggest each student a couple of subjects in which there are maximum chances to excel in career. Human resources department should forecast the demand of employment in different fields for the next 5 to 10 years. Based on the above 2 reports, a student should choose her course. If we require 50,000 mechanical engineers in 2013, we should not allow more than 55000 students to study mechanical engineering in 2009. Current practice is that AICTE grants permission to two thousand engineering colleges to admit 120 students per college, per year, into mechanical engineering stream and all these colleges keep on filling their seats till the end of this world, irrespective of the demand & supply situation of mechanical engineers. 

 – 20 
We speak in mother tongue at home, another language at school, Hindi as national language & English at work place. Our 3 language policy stood as a big hindrance on our career highway. An average student can read 50 pages per hour in English, if it is his mother tongue, 30 pages in English if he studied in English medium right from primary schooling.  It is only 10 pages in English if he studied in other than English medium during schooling. So, it is high time to make English medium as the only medium of instruction at all levels & all over India, as Indians have more opportunities in white collar jobs in India & abroad. 55% of India’s income coming from service sector (mostly white collar jobs), where as only 45% from agriculture & manufacturing (mostly labor jobs).

 – 21 
Profession based education is to be introduced at all levels & in all categories. India is dominated by unskilled laborers. They never like education because our present educational system is neither useful nor attractive for them. Instead of forcing all students to chose from only those 4 combinations (BPC, MPC, CEC & HEC) at intermediate level, we can also create “useful” & “practical” subject combinations like Hairstyling, Dress designing & Carpenting. To make lower level technical courses attractive & practical, educational institutions should never ask these students to study theory books or write the exams by using pen & paper. Ex: A student who wishes to be a carpenter should also be taught with the help of video lessons on carpenter work & the instructor should himself be a carpenter to teach lessons practically. Student should be asked to finish the exam by making a cot, dining table etc by using the wood & apparatus given to him in accordance with the designs given in the question paper.


 – 22 
Total demand for sugar for 2009: Five crore tons.
Total supply for 2009, as of now: Six crore tons.
Expected production by the end of 2009 from new farmers, who are unaware of above figures: Two crore tons.
Consequence: Farmers’ suicides, agitation for high support prices, grant of fresh loans & waiver of repayment of previous loans because of over production.
To stop this nonsense, Government should direct all farmers to inform Agricultural Department about the place, size of land & type of crop they are going to cultivate in that season. Farmers can get a print out from their Village Panchayat office by paying five rupees, which will contain details like: so far how many hectares of land is being occupied in cultivating that particular crop for the running season, current state wise areas of production, suitability of that land for that crop, expected demand for that crop in that season and previous year’s supply, demand & market price.  Farmers, who start cultivating a crop in which supply is exceeding demand, can’t avail agricultural loans & won’t be eligible for subsidies in fertilizers & seeds.

Rural development:

 – 23 
To discourage further concentration of economic power in few metros, we should permit upcoming projects like medical tourism, SEZs, new industries etc to be set up either in 2 tier or 3 tier cities. We should not offer any benefit to new projects in metros.  This step results in big villages becoming towns, towns becoming cities & cities becoming metros. Finally, it discourages immigration from rural to urban areas.

Private sector:

 – 24 
Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) contributing  to 30% of our GDP, giving employment to 10 crore people, but are availing only 2% of the available loan. The more is the availability of loans for SMEs, the more will be the availability of jobs. Since most SMEs are not organized (not having proper record of their financial transactions), banks & financial institutions are showing interest to finance only large companies. So, to make sure that all SMEs file income tax returns properly & make their transactions more transparent, a central credit rating agency, exclusively meant for SMEs, should be established. Based on the IT returns, SME credit rating agency’s report & the previous loan repayment history, banks & financial institutions feel equally comfortable with SMEs when compared to large companies. Another idea is to establish District level Stock Exchanges to raise capital for local SMEs with less than 20 crores share capital requirement. This would not only help these SMEs survive & grow faster, but also help us give birth to dozens of Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis etc.

 – 25 
Existing labor laws are offering full job security to industrial labor. This is hampering our industrial development, as excess job security brings laziness into work. Many foreign companies also not showing interest to open their plants in India. Thus, we are forced to import many goods from other countries. So, we should segregate all industries into 2 categories: employment creating industries (ex: jute mill) & wealth creating industries (ex: mobile phones company). We should have 2 separate Labor Acts to deal with these 2 sectors. Any company that falls under employment creating industries category should concentrate on maximum employment creation with maximum job security, even at the cost of foregoing some portion of profits.  Companies that fall under wealth creation industries category can freely lay off their workers at their will. Government will maintain a separate department to relocate those laid off workers mostly in employment creating industries. Special tax benefits should be made available to employment creating industries.

 – 26
My company Sales Executive gets Rs.200/- on every dish TV he sells, in addition to his salary. If he sells more than 10 per month, he gets Rs.300/- per one dish TV. Government is getting Rs. 150/- per piece towards sales tax. I am the owner of that company & my income tax is coming up to Rs.50/- per piece, on the profit I get by selling one lakh pieces in a year. Surprisingly, if I double my production & sell 2 lakh pieces, my income tax is going up to Rs.100/- per piece. Now tell me, why should I produce more & help this country achieve double digit growth rate? If extra growth results in double tax, most businessmen don’t show much interest in growth. So, special tax deduction should be made available to growing companies. Ex: a company with 10% sales growth rate in a particular year would enjoy 10% deduction in income tax during that year on the additional profit they generate. In other words, more growth means less tax. Also, a 2% special reduction should be offered to top growing companies’ in rate of interest on fresh loans. Less cost of capital further fuels the growth.


 – 27 
We should appoint a committee to prepare the domestic optimum route map of cargo by air, by sea, by road & by rail, in terms of expenses & duration of travel. Accordingly we should make use of all these 4 ways to their optimum level. This committee should also study the possibilities of using the abandonee British time small ports to reopen them for domestic transport of cargo.

 – 28 
It is quite common in India that once in every six months municipal corporations undertake road digging operations only to show that they are doing something for “more” convenience of the public. The only solution to put an end to this evergreen scam is to create wireless urban India. Government should plan the all India internal city road map including streets map & come out with a central digging plan. Once we dig a road, we should not dig it at least for the next 10 years. Instead of using poles on the road for power, telephone, internet, TV etc transmission, we should run the wires in underground.

Family & culture:

 – 29 
Visit any sub jail. You will find one out of every 10 under trials is into jail because of section 498, IPC. Section- 498 deals with harassment of wife by husband & his family members. In 98% cases, crime is not proved. How can we expect a husband to lead normal family life after coming back from jail with the same wife who sent him to jail? So, we should amend the law & refer all Section- 498 cases to family courts for counseling, instead of arresting the husband. We should understand one very sensitive point here: “forget about getting into jail, even a simple scolding by the police inspector also enrages the husband’s male ego & results in distance from his wife.

 – 30 
Insurance Deduction at Source (IDS) should be introduced. Like Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), under IDS, Government should charge 1% or so, on the total expenditure of each & every citizen & organization towards full insurance coverage of the product or service involved. This single step would eliminate the role of bad luck from our lives.

Living standards:

 – 31 
Unfortunately, the development indicators of a country are still measuring the development of a country by only taking the death rate, literacy rate, GDP, per capita income etc into consideration. 30 years back our express trains used to run with a maximum speed of 110 km per hour. Even today, they are maintaining same speed. Still a phone charging point in an air conditioned coach is considered as a luxury. Still we can’t watch a movie in 99% theatres with out touching the hands & shoulders of our next seat gentleman. Still the Indian definition of literacy is reading, writing & ability to sign, that is all. To have a better life & still better life, time to time, at least once for a decade, Government should redefine “the then current meaning” of developmental terms. Ex: from the width of a chair in a theatre to speed of a train. Like wise, we should consider only the 10th standard pass candidates as literates. After 10 years, we should consider a citizen with 10th class plus one professional certificate should only be treated as a literate.

Government administration:

 – 32 
When all reputed private organizations can benefit by ERP, why not the Government? For better utilization of our scarce resources, we should make use of ERP for the optimal Government administration.

 – 33 
We can solve the heavy traffic problem in cities by keeping different office timings for state government (9 am), central government (9.30 am), private employees (organization’s choice) and 8 am for school kids and 8.30 am for college going students. Same strategy will be followed for closing time.

 – 34 
We should implement local self government concept. Local self governance means each state is to be treated as a separate country & each district as a state, again each district as a separate country & each mandal as a state. This would result in healthy competition between the state & between the districts, making India a small self reliant world. Also we can conduct regular competitions among states, among districts in a state & among villages in a district, in events like tax collection, proper utilization of taxes, cleanliness, growth rate, contribution to GDP, literacy, market capitalization, net worth of agricultural production etc.

Revenue generation:

 – 35 
Our tax collection is at abnormally low levels, as there is no incentive for the revenue staff on the amount collected by them. To make sure that no single business firm & individual escape from payment of tax, we should offer commission percentage to the revenue staff on their total collection. Another idea is to outsource tax collection job to private companies, by offering them attractive commission on their collections.

 – 36 
We should convert all unbranded products to branded products, there by streamlining all industries to help build a disciplined & organized market economy. This step would also result in abnormally huge sales tax revenue with less burden on the consumer, as the consumer base is broadened by encompassing even a street buyer.

 – 37 
Do you want to see India become a rich country overnight? It is said that whatever amount we get by selling all listed companies of Indian stock market, more than that amount is kept idle secretly in binami accounts in foreign banks. This black money is owned by our politicians & top Government officials who were in power in between 1947 & 2009. Can any party dare to bring this amount back to India & make us rich overnight?

 – 38 
We should bring every citizen under income tax purview. If Government feels it’s a burden on low & middle class people, let us charge only 10 paisa per every 100 rupees of their income. Then it won’t be a burden, it will bring all citizens under IT department to make them disciplined and become future source of revenue.


 – 39
If there is anything required to be given free by Government, that is free education with free road & rail transport to go to schools & colleges. Parents should be given choice to choose private schools & colleges and Government should pay the fee to those schools & colleges. Fixing price for a course & coaching are the responsibilities of private educational institutions & conducting exams, fee payment are the responsibilities of the Government.

Foreign policy:

 – 40 
In India, whenever husband loses everything, he will sell his wife’s mangal sutra made up with gold. Like this, we sold india’s gold in 1990 to get some foreign reserves. Now we have healthy foreign reserves, as some of our Indians are working in abroad & sending back that money to India. Some Indians working in BPOs in India. To make sure that in future also we earn foreign currency, we should do 2 things:

a) Any NRI will send his earnings back to India as long as his family stays in India. So, Government should provide all tax benefits to NRIs’ Indian family members to keep them in India.

b) We should establish BPOs for non English speaking developed countries like Japan, Germany, France etc, by encouraging our people to learn those languages. When we are spending 15 to 18 years in studies to get a job, nothing wrong in spending 6 months to learn the above foreign languages.


 – 41 
Our Kargil war soldiers commented that because of lack of night vision glasses we lost 3000 soldiers. Three super cops also died in recent Mumbai blasts just because their so called bullet proof jackets failed to shield them. If we deploy 100 Indian soldiers against just 10 U.S. soldiers, who will win? US President visits even their enemy countries like Iraq by his flight, Air Force One, which is equipped with just a few dozens of soldiers but amazingly powerful & highly sophisticated defense equipment. All of a sudden if ten thousand soldiers of Iraqi Army attack the US President, who will win- 10,000 Iraqi army or a few dozens of American army? That is the power of technology. Unnecessarily we are keeping 20 lakhs army; just 5 lakh qualitative army is enough if they are equipped with hi-tech ammunition & war logistics. The salaries we save by drastically downsizing the army can be used to super equip rest of the soldiers.

 – 42 
Never think Pakistan is your target. Keep the most powerful country on earth as your target. This will make your army highly powerful. As long as Pak is your target, you will never try to produce a missile that can travel 20,000 km, as our Pakistan based targets are a few hundred kilometers away from india.

 – 43 
Once up on a time, kings used to wage war against other kingdoms to occupy & enjoy their resources. Later, we became civilized. So, stronger nations started UNO, IMF, World Bank & WTO to conquer other countries with out spilling a single drop of blood. They occupied other countries by sending their MNCs, instead of their army. This is the reason we start our day with Colgate toothpaste- a foreign brand & end our day by switching off Philips tube light- another foreign brand. Most of us are using 90% foreign brands. Now, in addition to MNCs, they are sending Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) to invest in other countries’ stock markets & conquer them by way of speculation. In 2002, Sensex was at 2600. In 2007, it touched a high of 21,200. It went up because these FIIs projected India as the next financial super power of the world, as they have heavily invested their money in our stock market. The moment their stocks reached high prices, they started withdrawing their investment. It is because of their Rs.1500 crores recent withdrawal, our Sensex fell down to 7700 levels. Why nobody is bothering about lakhs of crores of rupees market capitalization loss incurred to our companies & the amount flown into the hands of FIIs? Financial war is 1000s of times more dangerous than physical war. It is high time to establish “Indian Economists Army” to defend from this kind of economic wars.


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