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November 14, 2008

All Salary Calculators | Six Pay Commission

(1.) Pay Calculator – for ACP and Promotion (6 CPC Pay Fixation on the Date of Promotion/ACP) 


(2.) Pay and Arrear Calculator – for ACP/PROMOTION – Fixation on 1-1-2006 irrespective of ACP/PROMOTION


(3.) Pay and Arrear Calculator – Fixation of Pay on the Date Of Increment


(4) All Pay Bands Calcuator

(5.) Pension and Arrears

Instructions :

  • Please wait while the page reloads completely to use the calculator.
  • Use the (CLICK TO EDIT) Button on the top left corner of the spreadsheet to edit numeric fields.
  • After pressing CLICK TO EDIT Button, Double Click on the field you want to edit and enter the value.
  • use Horizontal Scroll Bar if the sheet is not displayes properly.

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SALARY CALCULATORS for 6th Pay Commission


November 11, 2008

Pay Calculator – for ACP and Promotion (6 CPC Pay Fixation on the Date of Promotion/ACP)

Pay Calculator – for ACP and Promotion (6 CPC Pay Fixation on the Date of Promotion/ACP)

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Six Pay Commission | Table of Content Other Interesting Posts

SALARY CALCULATORS for 6th Pay Commission

Pay calculator for ACP/PROMOTION – Fixation on 1-1-2006 irrespective of ACP/PROMOTION

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Six Pay Commission | Table of Content Other Interesting Posts

SALARY CALCULATORS for 6th Pay Commission

Pay and Arrear Calculator – Fixation of Pay on the Date Of Increment | Six Pay Commission

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Six Pay Commission | Table of Content Other Interesting Posts

SALARY CALCULATORS for 6th Pay Commission

Pension Calculator | Six Pay Commission | Salary Calculator

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Six Pay Commission | Table of Content Other Interesting Posts

SALARY CALCULATORS for 6th Pay Commission

September 7, 2008

Six Pay Commission | Download | Arrears Calculator (updated) with Promotion Option

It is based on Gazette Notification dated 29 Aug 08 issued by Finance Ministry, Government of India.
It gives following information :-· Glance of new gross pay for any given month during last three years.
  1. · Glance of old gross pay for any given month during last three years.
  2. · Details of Fixation.
  3. · Due Drawn Statement with arrears upto any given month during last three years.
  4. Individual who got promotion or old ACP in between last three years also have option to add in it. Modified ACP due has been added (As per notification, Old ACP received & Modified ACP due will be at different year). New appointee after Jan 2006 also have option check their salary.
Following error fixed : 07 Sep 08
  1. · Error in fixation from old scale to PB-4 corrected.
Following error fixed : 06 Sep 08
  1. · On Promotion & ACP minimum 6 month service not required to get increment corrected.
  2. · Option to uncheck Tpt Allce, if not required.
  3. · Option to add Name.
  4. · Trial usage extended to 05
  5. · Other minor fixes.
Following errors/anomalies fixed/added : 03 Sep 08
  1. · Individuals of PB-4 also can use this calculator.
  2. · Grade Pay for various scales PB-3 & PB-4 changed (As per Gazette Notification).
  3. · Minimum pay in all the pay band changed (As per Gazette Notification).
  4. · New appointee initial pay added.
  5. · Increment rounded off to the next multiple of 10.
  6. · On Promotion, ACP, New Appt, minimum 6 month service required to get increment.
  7. · Modified ACP required and/or ACP recd can be selected during different parts of last 3 years.
Other errors/anomalies fixed/added earlier : 29 Aug 08
  1. · Factor Rate of Fixation changed from 1.74 to 1.86.
  2. · Rate of Increment changed from 2.5 % to 3 %.
  3. · Option to manually add new pay and grade pay for specific post as per Gazette Notification.
  4. · Rate of Tpt Allce changed.
This is a fully functional trial version that will expire after 05 uses.

Remember Macro security needs to be at low to run Pay & Arrears Calculator.(Instructions to do this are included in image that is attached within the download)

This Software is 100% accurate for many but may not be accurate for some for various reasons like for special category in scale, rank pay, grade pay, promotion, acp etc. Thus it may be used for education and reference purpose only.

September 4, 2008

Six Pay Commission | Pension Calculator | Arrears Calculator | Gazette Notification

Salary Calculator | 29 August 2008 Gazette | Arrears Calculator | Six Pay Commission

This calculator can be used both for military as well as civilian personnel. It is to be used in conjunction with the following file Office Memo of Finance Ministry

After downloading the above file please check your basic as on 1/1/2006 and the corresponding “grade pay” and “Revised Pay in Pay Band”. Enter these figures in the yellow boxes in the given table. You should enter your increment amount in the relevant field and increment month should be in numbers not alphabets. e.g. If your increment month is May then type 5 in the box.

This table gives details about three allowances e.g. HRA/TA/CCA. Besides that other allowances can be added and put in the CCA column. e.g. if there are few other allowances besides HRA/TA then add all those allowances and put them in the CCA column.

Military personnel will have different grade pays which can be typed in the yellow box in the calculator.
Also to note is that there is no separate ‘Calculate’ button to press like in the previous pension calculator. As you type the figures in the table will update themselves automatically.

Hope this works for you. Also you should have Java installed on your Web Browser for both Pension and Salary calculator to show up on your screen. If the Calculator shows half way then use the scroll bars to see the entire calculator.

August 26, 2008

Sixth Pay Commission Report | Summary Of Information | Important Points

With so much crude information available about Sixth Pay Commission,confusion is bound to arise. Even on my site with so many posts related to Sixth CPC, One may wonder what to read and what to leave & even what to read first. With the aim of making things simpler , I am summarizing the posts realted to Sixth CPC here and will also try to indicate who should read what and in what order.
I will summarize posts in chronlogical order ,followed by description and notes (if any.)
The format would be :
Have patience and stay with me!!
1.> Sixth Pay Commission Report With Salary Calculator
Posted on 14-August-2008,This first post on CPC throws light on 14-August-2008 developments and updates. It contains basic information that was released by Govt. like min. Salary,holidays,allowances,payment of arrears. But its not very specific like it does nt provide discrete allowance in various categories which is covered in later posts.
Everyone should read this post as in later posts the information provided in this post is assumed to be already known to reader,only updates are highlighted and changes notified in later posts.
Posted on 15-August-2008, This second posts is based on a Press Release by PIB(Press Information Bureau).It contains the most important and significant lines which are always an “Important note” to all later posts:

The Cabinet has broadly accepted the recommendations of Sixth CPC with some modifications in the wake of representations received from various sections/Associations of Central Government employees.

These largely undeclared “minor modification” are exactly the epicenter of whole confusion. Govt. has not made these modifications public . Information keeps pouring in one time or another. It makes difficult for us to say anything with surety because who know what these “minor modifications” may have or may not have in store for us.
This post contains some specifics about Promotion/Defence/Doctors’s pay Scale.
Again,Do go through this post so that you have some specific information about how Govt. plans to implement Six CPC.
3.>UP govt to implement 6th Pay Commission Report
Posted on 18-August-2008, It details Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Hon’ Mayawati’s announcement of implementation of 6th CPC for U.P. State Govt. Employees as well.
Central Govt. employees may skip this post.
4.>Sixth Central Pay Commission : Latest Updates
Posted on 18-August-2008, This posts covers many updates such as:
  1. Pay panel award modification to cost additional Rs. 11,000 crore
  2. Full Pension at 20 years of service
  3. What the Cabinet didn’t accept from Pay Panel
Point 3 is the most important & interesting of all.
Everyone should read this post,If you are in a hurry you can skip 1 and 2 but do go through point 3.
5.> Unions alleges Sixth Pay Commission only favored officers ; Calls nationwide strike on August 20
Posted on 18-August-2208 ,It covers strike on 20 August.
My recommendation : SKIP THIS.
6.>Left trade union’s all-India strike cripples life
Posted on 20-August-2008.Again, Impact of Strike, The strike had been called by eight major trade unions including the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) and Centre for Industrial Trade Union (CITU).
SKIP THIS if you dnt want to waste time.
7.>Suspended Eemployee Entitled to Pay Commission Recommendations – Court
Posted on 20-August-2008, This post clears a big doubt regarding applicability of Pay Commission to Suspended Employees.
You can skip this post if you dont fall in the category of “Suspended Employees”
8.>New Pay and Arrears Calculators based on approved Sixth Pay Commission (14 August 2008) Report
Posted on 20-August-2008, It is one of the most important posts regarding SIX CPC and is to be read with a phrase of “MINOR MODIFICATION” (in first post.) in your mind.It also gives a list of PAY BAND as approved by Govt.
Everyone must read it .
The Calculator provided is also based on RECOMMENDATIONS which are said to be accepted by Govt (mostly!).
9.>Approved Sixth Pay Commission report getting finer
Posted on 23-August-2008, This posts gives lot of hope regarding public announcement of SIX CPC Report:

Sources said a wait for one more week may bring Sixth Pay Commission Report in Black and White as Men in charge are making the 6CPC report finer which was earlier approved by cabinet broadly a week back.

You can skip it or read it (your wish!)
10.>Do It Yourself : Calculate your New Salary
Posted on 23-August-2008,Its an important post in the sense that it provided you with formula for calculation of salary,You can troubleshoot the formula if you want. But plz pay special attention to the assumptions.
Plz read it as it will give you an overview of working of calculators. If you dont trust processors or machines, Here is the breakthrough!
11.>Grade Pay for Armed Forces Enhanced
23-August-2008,This post contains inforation on Defence Personnels like their Grade Pay and comparison of recommended,revised and difference in packages.
As the name says – Its for Defence Personnels/Armed Forces,you already know weather you need to read it or not.
12.> 6th Pay Commission Recommendation for Pensioners
23-August-2008, This is the first post with some useful information for PENSIONERS.
Must-Read for Pensioners
Download this New Pension Calculator
13.>Summary of 6th Pay Commission Recommendations: Allowances & Facilities
Posted on 23-August-2008,This post is a very specific one. It goes into minute details of all allowances. You must go through it.

Must -Read for everyone.

14.>What the CoS did about Sixth Pay Commission Report?
It highlights some modifications and comments by CoS.
If you have come so far,then go ahead and read it!
15.>Sixth Pay Commission Report | Summary Of Information | Important Points
Posted on 26-August-2008,This is the post that you are reading.Well, I am happy to inform you that you have already this post. I hope it cleared most of your doubts.

However,I welcome any suggestion regarding site.

Besides these, You can always go to the
Sixth Central Pay Commission Report : Complete Information page where all information is compiled on a single page along with Download Links
Still the best way is to subscribe my feed from the links given below and stay updated!
  • Go through the complete details before asking questions.
  • All the calculators are made available,Use them to calculate your salary
  • We all are waiting for the final Six CPC report,as soon as it is released,It will be made available here only.So keep an eye on this blog.
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August 23, 2008

6th Pay Commission Recommendation for Pensioners

After much requests from users about the PENSION BENEFITS FOR PENSIONERS as per the Sixth Central Pay Commission,Here is the Calculator for calculating pension as per 6th CPC.
Please note that its the only calculator available for Pensioners.As soon as any new information is released, The blog with updated accordingly so keep an eye here..

Few Websites useful for Pensioners:
Pensioner’s Portal (Govt. Of India)
Community for Govt. Officers
Sites For State Govt. Pensioners :
1 Assam
2 Gujarat
3 Himachal Pradesh
4 Madhya Pradesh
5 Punjab
6 Rajasthan
7 Tamilnadu
8 Uttar Pradesh
9 Chhattisgarh

Download this New Pension Calculator to know the benefits for Central Government Pensioners out of Sixth Pay Commission recommendations


as per Table in annexure 5.1.1. of cpc r3eoprt
M.F : 4.267
Pay + Dearness pay as on 1.01.2006 Rs 11190.00
Commutation Amount: Rs. 2984.
D.A. as on 1.1.2006 after revision: 0%
Revised Pay as on 1.1.2006 Rs.15965 (11190*1.4267) (see table 5.1.1 in annex)
Net pension Rs.12981 (15965-2984) less commutation)

prerevised pay+dp Rs.11190.00
DA as 0n 1.1.2006 24% (pre cpc6) Rs. 2686.00
Commutation amount Rs. 2984.00

Pension already drawn as on 1.1.06. Rs. 10892.
increase due to CPC as on 1.01.2006 Rs.12981-10892 = 2089

Pension as on 1.8.2008 Revised: Rs.15535 (D.A.16% + revised pension)
Pension already drawn: 1.8.2008 Rs.13465
Increase due to cpc as on 1.8.2008 Rs. 2070

Percentage increase to already drawn Basic pension+D.P = 2070/11190 *100= 18.5%

Dearness Allowance after CPC approved:
1.01.06 — 0 %
1.07.06 — 2%
1,01.07 — 6 %
1.07.07 — 9 %
1.01.08 — 12%
1.07.08 — 16%

So pensioner get 18.5% increase in their pension. Thanks to cpc.

Thanks to Mr. Sesha Iyengar Thirumalai for this update

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